Surprise Sunrise Triathalon! Kids’ Yoga, Meditation, and Reading Challenge

Surprise Sunrise Triathalon Kids' Yoga Meditation and Reading Challenge
The kids have accepted all of their Wednesday challenges this summer like champs. This week’s challenge may get them out of bed a little earlier than usual, but it’s all about relaxing and being present. As part of winding down the summer, we wanted to make sure we got in a little beach time when the beach was less crowded and a whole lot cooler. So, we came up with a Summer Sunrise Triathalon Challenge for the kids!

Here’s the paper I tacked onto their doors last night before bed:

Summer of Funner introduces its first ever Surprise Sunrise Triathalon

The plan is to get up about forty minutes before sunrise, walk down to the beach [it takes about 15-20 minutes], and practice yoga, meditate, and read as the sun rises. Ideally, we’d like the kids to do each of the three activities for at least 20 minutes, but we’ll be happy if they find their own peace in their own manner.  

As for that promised picnic breakfast on the beach: we’ll pack a basket with ice-water in resealable bottles, fresh fruit from the farmer’s market, a thermos of our famous sunrise pink kashmiri tea, and a loaf of our amazing pink grapefruit poppyseed quick bread.

Don’t you want to do this, too? Why not? And, hey, If you’re not close to the water, simply try a local park or a peak or a balcony or your own backyard! If you’re interested, here are a few meditation exercises for kids. Here’s our Yoga sketching activity. And, here’s what we’ve been reading this summer.

How are you winding down your summer?

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