Kids’ Summer Challenge: Make a Short Film that Scares Us!

Kids Summer Challenge Make a Short Film That Scares Us Summer of Funner
Last Friday, we screened Jaws and In the Heat of the Night as part of our Summer Film Fest. Afterwards, the kids said that both movies were “scary.” So, we got to comparing how these movies chilled us to the bone. Sure, Jaws had its shark and its shark music. But the shots of the crowds running away from the shark were what really got to everyone. Likewise, the racist ideology of many of the people in the small southern town in which Sidney Poitier’s Mr. Tibbs happens to find himself was absolutely frightening for the kids. They said they were constantly concerned that a gang of some sort would show up and hurt the wrong person. I wonder where that concern came from? 

As you might have noticed, this summer, I’ve been slipping little challenges under the kids’ bedroom doors on Wednesdays. And, yesterday was no different. As it turns out, not only will the kids have to perform a cover song and accompany themselves on guitar at our End of the Summer family campout, they’ll also have to be prepared to screen a short film that “scares us” somehow.

Here’s the challenge the kids accepted yesterday morning:
Summer of Funner's Scary Film Making Challenge

And here’s a little image you can play with so as to invite your kids to participate in a screening of your own:

Summer of Funner's Scary Film Making Challenge for Kids Feel Free to Copy and Past and Adjust accordingly, please do not sell or pass off as your own

Can’t wait to see what they come up with in 2 weeks!

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