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Family Film Fest Update

July is almost over! And this means we’re already at the half-way point of our Summer of Funner! With this in mind, we thought that we’d keep you posted on the progress of our Family Film Fest. Here’s a list of the movies that we’ve watched so far! As you can see, there’s a bit of […]

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Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

This year, Toby wanted to have a Minecraft Creeper Cake for his birthday. Creeper, of course, is a pixelated character from the popular video game. Now, the notion that he wanted a basic, square shaped cake was great. But, since I only have one hand to work with this summer, I was nervous about what to […]

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small pirate

Pirate Anatomy Posters

Yesterday, the kids listened to the second half of their Treasure Island audiobook while thumbing through and colouring the Dover Human Anatomy Colouring Books I picked up for them at the start of the summer.     As the story was coming to its close, I asked them to use ink pens to draw a Pirate Anatomy poster, […]

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Roasted Marshmallow Gelato [Crème Brulée Gelato]

The kids just love the Roasted Marshmallow flavoured ice cream at our fave spot, Ed’s the Real Scoop, down at the beach. Since one of our goals, this summer, was to make gelato, we decided to try to make it in their favourite flavour. To that end, we tested and tampered with about 5 different […]

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small feet

Foot Painting! Painting with our Feet!

Last summer, we created Face Paintings by painting with our faces! Today, to celebrate our Summer of Ability, and to knock yet another summer goal off of our Summer 2014 Love-to-do-List, the kids painted with their feet and toes! They came up with a fence full of beautiful abstracts that I’m now hoping to frame and hang in […]

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pb nutella all thumbs cookies

Watch Unbreakable and Sample Peanut Butter Nutella “All Thumbs” Cookies

Last night’s Family Film Fest selection was M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable. The kids really enjoyed the comic book angle and the way that Bruce Willis’s character, David Dunn, comes to understand his physical capabilities as heroic qualities. They weren’t so keen, in the end, as to exactly how he came to these conclusions.  Still, the kids’ dissatisfaction led to […]

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Tye Dye Small

Tie-Dye Party!

Bea’s switching schools next fall. And, since her new school does not have a uniform,  she was just dying to “trash” the white shirts she has been wearing for the past five years. Still, there were several nice, new white t-shirts in the rotation. So, instead of ruining them, I told her we should tie-dye them. To […]

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feature image smoresdino

Dino S’mores! [With a Recipe for Super-Easy Dino Grahams]

There’s nothing like s’mores made with marshmallows roasted on the campfire or (carefully) over the bbq!!   Today, we’re revising an old-favorite graham cracker recipe to use to create cut-out dino-grahams so that we can make Dino S’mores! Often, we make our own marshmallows, too. [See our Basic Marshmallow recipe!] However, today, we’re using store bought.  To […]

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Film Fest Night One: Dark Passage and The Man Without a Body

Summer of Funner Family Film Fest 2014: Super-Anatomy in Space and Time Night One: Double Feature! Dark Passage (1947) and The Man Without a Body (1957)  Happy Independence Day to all of our Friends and family in the USA!  This year’s Summer of Funner is all about the fabulous ABILITY of the human body and […]

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SOF square

Summer 2014: Love-to-Do List

It’s Summer of Funner 2014! The Summer of Ability: Invention, Imagination, and Independence.  Originally, we thought that our theme for the summer was going to be “Summer of Funner Nights.” However, when I broke my hand and had corrective surgery a few weeks ago, the kids and I decided that we wanted our summer to […]

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