The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 6: Jaws and In the Heat of the Night

Summer Family Film Fest Week 6
You didn’t think we’d run a Family Film Fest dedicated to the Best Summer Movies of All Time without showing the kids Jaws, did you? [Thank goodness they’re finally old enough!] But what the heck would you pair it with? I suppose the easy answer would be Star Wars, or American Graffiti. But we’re going to take a leap here and pair it with a film which is on of our top pics not just for Best Summer Movie, but Best Movie Ever: In the Heat of the Night. Tonight, it’s the screams of a multitude against the voice of a single man’s single demand to be called by his surname.  

JAWS_Movie_poster In_the_Heat_of_the_Night_(film)

What kind of a double feature is that, you ask? Well, we think it’s a fantastic one!

Tonight, we’ll be asking the kids to identify the most important scene in each movie and to compare those two scenes. We’ll also ask them which movie is more terrifying and why?

What do you think?

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