The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 8: Kings of Summer and Hope and Glory

Summer Film Festival Week 8

This week’s Best Summer Movies of All Time are all about kids’ summers. The first, Kings of Summer, is a fantastic recent film about three older boys who “run away from home” to a fort in the woods for the summer. [Anyone who hasn’t seen it should. Hence, why I’m showing it to the kids and my husband this week.] Hope and Glory is an 80’s movie about the ways in which one kid “escapes” the terrors of World War II while living through it, first in a London suburb and then, in the countryside. It’s a “summer of the mind” film, most definitely, and another favourite of mine.

The_Kings_of_Summer Hope_and_Glory_poster
This week, we’ll be asking the kids, “Is summer just better as a kid, or what?” 

Have you seen these movies yet? What did you think? 

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