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Yesterday Books

Thursday, June 30thToday was “Play Day” –  our official day to knock around doing crazy things to mark the beginning of the summer! While I’m not keen on supporting the kids’ desire to shop, the first thing they wanted to do this morning was to go to the dollar store to pick up new markers to […]

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Brainstorming the Calendar

Most of my work for the summer takes place on a sunny June afternoon, about two weeks before the kids are home for good.  Before my special weekend day,  I’ll spend about 10-15 minutes on my weeknights thinking about types of activities we might enjoy or excursions we might take over the summer. Then, on a weekend afternoon, I leave […]

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C hands finished

Ten Weeks…

Ten Weeks… the typical length of my children’s summer holidays, give or take a few days. Over the past two summers, I have organized my children’s ten weeks at home via a series of daily themes and activities which keep them occupied without making anyone crazy and without breaking the bank. When I shared these […]

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