The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Final Week: The Philadelphia Story and Follow the Fleet

Summer Film Fest Final Week

It’s the last free Friday of summer, and we’re getting nostalgic, not only for the summer that was, but also for all of our Summer of Funner activities and posts from 2011 until now, the whole six years of ’em. As with every summer, we wonder, is this it? Is this our last summer of posting on this website? And, of course, we get a little teary eyed. So, to finish up our Best Summer Movies of All Time, we’re closing with two of our absolute favourite examples of the “comedy of remarriage”: The Philadelphia Story and Follow the Fleet.

Okay, okay, so maybe the second one is a “comedy of re-engagement,” but, we hope you’ll get our drift.

What a ride! What a ride!

Will we see you again next year? And, if so, will it be as we look now? [There might be plans in the work for a new url and a new “magazine!]

Well, we do know one thing for certain. And it’s good news!

Our sister site, The Lunchbox Season, will be up and running early next week! Don’t forget to check us out!!!


Summer of Funner

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