Summer 2014: Love-to-Do List

Summer Books: Talking Heads and Sympathetic Wolves: Illustrating Aelfric’s Life of St. Edmund

Film Fest Night One: Dark Passage and The Man Without a Body

Dino S’mores! [With a Recipe for Super-Easy Dino Grahams]

Tie-Dye Party!

We “Art” Ability: Three Kids’ Drawing Exercises for the Non-Dominant Hand

Pink Tea! Kashmiri Chai Tea, Hot & Iced, Popsicles, Greek Yogurt Popsicles, Ice Cream Pops, & Slice-Cream Cake

Watch Unbreakable and Sample Peanut Butter Nutella “All Thumbs” Cookies

Foot Painting! Painting with our Feet!

Roasted Marshmallow Gelato [Crème Brulée Gelato]

Summer Books: The Kids Illustrate Treasure Island: Free Associative Drawing with Audio Books

Pirate Anatomy Posters

Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

Family Film Fest Update

Empty Your Pockets for these Souvenir Cookies: Lemon Icebox Fossil Cookies with Impressions of Your Beach Walk or Vacay Baubles

101 Things to Look for at the Art Museum, from A to Z [Free Printable]

Kids DIY Stained Glass Window Clings

Summer Peach Buttermilk Clafoutis [low-sugar, grain & gluten-free]

The Kids Enjoy Two Evenings of Shakespeare in the Park

Kids DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs

Summer Books: Sense and Sensibility Mad Libs [Free Printables]

Going Crazy with Hair Chalk

Summer Books: Kid-Drawn, “Modern” Sense and Sensibility Comics

Three Surrealist Games for Kids

FORTnight: Our Two-Week Campout Begins

THE BEST Homemade Donuts, with a Vanilla or Chocolate Glaze and a Jam or Jelly Filling

Summer Giving: Supporting the War Amps Champ Program

Film Fest Wrap Up

A Summer Instrument

The Kids BBQ By Themselves: Grilled Corn with a Spicy Rub and Sweet Potato Coins with at Spicy Garlic Aioli

Kid-Drawn “Cyborg Stories”

End of Summer Blind Tasting Picnic


Summer Nights…