Kids’ Battle Bot Design

Kids Battle Bot Design Cool Art and Party idea from Summer of Funner

While the kids may have a lot of screen time over the summer, most of this isn’t television. Still, one summer show that they’re absolutely obsessed with [and for good reason] is BattleBots. Science and technology squads build robots for the purpose of pitting them against one another in a battle arena, which, itself, is set up with some rather crushing tools to break down those bots from the sidelines. Both of the kids are really into the match-ups and, of course, the robot design

One of Toby’s self-challenges for the summer has been to design and build his own Battle Bot, and, hopefully, to test it out against someone else’s in the family. Of course, the first step in this process was design. So, the other day, while Bea and I were out investigating volunteer opportunities [more on that, later], Blaise and Toby came up with some amazing Bot designs. Of course, now that we’ve seen what the guys have in store, Bea and I will be designing our own Bots this Wednesday as our “Wednesday challenge.” [Of course, our Bots will trample the competition!] Still, we couldn’t wait to show you the first of many Kids’ Battle Bot Designs for the Summer of 2016! 

Here are some of the first family Bot designs:

Battle Bot Sketches from Summer of Funner

Here’s Toby’s excellent finished design of Starfleet and her mini-bots:

TOby's Battle bot design  

And here’s a little collage of the works in progress:

Kids' Battle Bot Design Visual DIY

Send us your sketches! Make it your Wednesday Challenge!

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