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Join me on a new adventure!

Great news! I’ve launched a new website! Please visit me over at Smelling Salts Journal!   Check out the Welcome post and then have a browse around!  But wait! What’s happening to Summer of Funner? Summer of Funner will still be here, in magazine form, for all of your Summer needs. Over the next few months, I’ll be […]

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Summer of Funner's Summer 2016 Love to Do List

Thanks for one last, best Summer of Funner!

The kids are really growing up. So, this is likely the last summer I’ll be posting in this magazine format! But wasn’t it a wonderful Summer of Funner??? Here’s a digest of all the posts: Summer 2016 Love-to-Do List Elderflower Cake with St Germain Soak and Elderflower Mascarpone Frosting Return to Stratford… Kids Haiku Theatre […]

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10 Ways to Throw the Best Ever End of Summer Backyard Campout!

This Wednesday is the Challenge to End All Challenges! Tonight is not only our annual End of Summer Backyard Campout …It’s also the night in which the kids are supposed to perform their Cover Songs on Guitar and screen their homemade Short Films that Scare Us! We’re excited more than we’ve ever been before! And we think we’re […]

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