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Summer Books: Kid-Drawn, “Modern” Sense and Sensibility Comics

Anyone who saw last year’s Chaucer Comics would know how much we love to make comic books out of classic literature!  Today, I gave the kids and guest a few blank sheets of paper and asked them to come up with a quick six-panel modernized scene from Sense and Sensibility. Here are the kids’ Sense and Sensibility […]

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Summer Books: Sense and Sensibility Mad Libs [Free Printables]

Bea has a friend over this week, and so we thought we’d continue our Summer of Ability Film Fest by showing her the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility.  Afterwards, I decided to get them into the text itself by creating some Mad Libs -style word games out of three key scenes: Marianne’s twisted ankle and […]

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