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Feat Pinata Cake

Birthday Bombe Dot Com : DIY Ice Cream Piñata Cake

Two years ago, we made Toby an amazing Chocolate Milk Piñata Cake for his birthday. And, since we didn’t tell him it was a Piñata cake, the surprise on his face, when he sliced it open, was priceless! This year, Toby upped the ante on us by requesting an Ice Cream Piñata Cake. SRSLY, WT*? The closest I came […]

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Chocolate Milk Pinata Cake

Birthday Surprise: Chocolate Milk Piñata Cake

I made this cake for Toby’s 8th Birthday today!  He requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Rolos on top. Little does he know that when he slices into it tonight, a whole treasure trove of Rolos, M&Ms and Aero bubbles will roll out and spill off of the cake stand! Surprise, Mr. T! […]

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