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Science Wiz: Climate Change in Canning Jars

Tobes really wanted to do some “experiments” this week. Since it’s been raining so much, we decided to make rain, fog and tornadoes using canning jars.  These are more “magic tricks” than “science experiments” per so. But they sure are fun!  I remember doing all of these as a kid in a friend’s basement “wet-bar.” […]

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Mad Scientist Day 2012: Ten “Sweet” Experiments

August 9, 2012 If Bea had Soap Making on the top of her Summer of Funner 2012 wish-list, the one thing that Tobes wanted to do was to “smash Skittles” [the kids absolutely love Skittles] and “make them into potions.” The kids’ idea of backyard “potion making,” however, isn’t very productive. They tend to take food or flowers […]

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