Let’s Pong! Playing Ping Pong in Toronto’s Public Parks

Did you know that table tennis is an olympic sport? Well, Torontonians might just give the rest of the world a run for their money, if not at the Rio Olympics, then in about 10 years, when all the little ones grow up. Over the past few years, in several of our city parks, these beautifully […]

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Shelfie Bookbag DIY

If the other week was about the Manga Selfie, this week is all about the “shelfie!” Recently, one of us saw a gorgeous book bag which featured a shelf full of beloved book spines on offer from a big-name publisher. It was beautiful, and we wanted it. But, then, we thought, why not make our own? So, […]

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The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 3: Rear Window and Rashomon

Our Family Film Fest Continues with two “crime” stories, quite different in style – or are they? First up is one of our family’s favourite summer murder mysteries, Hitchcock’s, Rear Window [1954]. Next on the list is a movie which came out in Japan 4 years previous to the Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon [1950]. This film tells the […]

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Kids’ Summer Challenge : Learn Enough Guitar to Perform a Cover Song

So, here’s the little slip of paper the kids found under their doors this morning!  That’s right! Today, we challenged the kids to learn to play enough guitar to accompany themselves while singing a cover song. We didn’t give them a set rules about how they were supposed to accomplish this, only a command performance […]

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DIY Poprocks? Try Our Sour Pink Lemonade Frizzantes

It’s crazy summer snack time. In our attempts to DIY some Poprocks style candies [Will they ever really pop? We think, not!], we came up with something lovelier: Sour Pink Lemonade Frizzantes. Bea loves a sour candy. And these slightly fizzy candy shards absolutely fit the bill! I think I’m going to start carrying these pucker-ups […]

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Fizzy Water Kefirs: Lime Cardamom, Lemon Lavendar and Strawberry Vanilla

We’ve decided that Wednesdays are for “challenges” this summer. Last week’s challenge was to come up with a tasty sparkling beverage that had little or no sugar in the final product. Now, we’ve really been enjoying fermented beverages like Kombucha and Water Kefir. These are drinks made with sugar but whose sugar is largely “eaten,” […]

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Kids’ DIY Manga Selfies

The kids are pretty interested in Manga these days. So, I thought I’d get them to make themselves over as Manga-style characters. When I told her about my idea, Bea, who had an amazing art teacher at school this year (xoxo Brie), took over and came up with the entire DIY! And, it sounded sooo fun […]

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Kids Haiku Theatre Reviews from the Stratford Festival #sfhaiku

This year, instead of using our own free printable theatre reviews to respond to the plays we saw at the Stratford Festival, we decided to ask the kids for shorter, impromptu responses. Inspired by their dad’s season-long toronto #bluejays haiku project, or his #jaysseasonhaiku, we asked the kids to write haiku responses to the plays they saw at Stratford this summer. […]

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Return to Stratford…

Oops, we did it again! Looks like last year’s trip to the Stratford Festival was the first in what has become an annual family thang. I was hoping to write to you about all of the new things we did on our kicking-off-the-summer-in-style vacay this year. Of course, the plays we saw were different from […]

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Summer 2016 Love-to-Do List

Let’s send up rockets! Let’s turn on all the lights! This Summer’s Love-to-Do List is a conglomeration of the things we’d like to repeat from summers previous and the things we absolutely must try before the school bell rings again. Summer 2016 Love-to-Do List Stargazing at the Stratford Festival √, Learn to Play Guitar √,  Fireworks on […]

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Thanks for a Great Summer 2015

Summer of Funner 2015 is officially over! We had a great time! Summer Love-To-Do List 2015 Three Super-Fun Ways to Prep the Kids for a Shakespeare Play [or Other Theatre] Summer at the Stratford Festival: Kids’ Theatre Reviews The Kids’ Summer Vacay Pics: Where to Eat, Shop, and Stay in Stratford, Ontario Free Printable Pixels […]

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