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Tye Dye Small

Tie-Dye Party!

Bea’s switching schools next fall. And, since her new school does not have a uniform,  she was just dying to “trash” the white shirts she has been wearing for the past five years. Still, there were several nice, new white t-shirts in the rotation. So, instead of ruining them, I told her we should tie-dye them. To […]

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Protest Posters Inspired By Ghosts of Gone Birds

August 17, 2011 Today we made Rob Ford Protest Posters inspired by the artists of the Ghosts of Gone Birds! _____________________________________________________________ This morning, I received a tweet from @GoneBirds with a link to a brand new poster advocating for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper. You can also find this picture on the Ghosts of Gone Birds Facebook […]

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Library Day: T-Shirts and a Ford Protest Song

August 10, 2011 Did he ever return? No he never returned From the library that day He may circulate forever ‘Round those queer old stacks & bookshelves He’s the mayor who never returned Today we made t-shirts to show our love and support of our local public library. Then, in further support of books and […]

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