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Colour Cut and Build This Robot! Free Printable from Summer of Funner dot com

Colour, Cut, & Build This Robot! [Free Printable]

For Toby’s Birthday Bash, Blaise created this awesome Colour, Cut, and Build-Your-Own Robot. He based his design on a lovely set of cardboard robots we received as a gift.  He drew the image and then copied it onto thick Bristol paper [watercolour paper would work well, too]. Here’s what the kids received at the party! […]

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Egg Day

August 23, 2011 Egg day couldn’t begin without a little thematic breakfast! No, the kids would NOT eat it, Sam-I-Am, they would not eat Green Eggs and Ham! But, I did! And, after I managed to hard-boil about a dozen more eggs, we got to work. Today, we completed several “Egg-speriments,” including the old egg-through-the-bottle […]

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