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Peach Cake Feat

Endless Summer Peach Almond Cake [Gluten and Sugar Free]

Who wants the summer to end? Not us!  Our final week of summer is dedicated to our annual Backyard Campout. Since we’re trying to make our campouts a bit healthier, we thought we’d tweak a favourite recipe from The Lunchbox Season to honour the seasonal peach. This Endless Summer Peach Almond Cake is Gluten Free […]

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featured peach

Summer Peach Buttermilk Clafoutis [low-sugar, grain & gluten free]

Clafoutis is one of my favourite brunch treats and tea-party desserts! Lately, I’ve been experimenting with cutting out the grain and lowering the amount of sugar in my go-to recipe. Seeing as it’s peach season [what’s better than a fresh freestone Ontario peach?], and I’ve never yet made a peach version, I thought I’d better try […]

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Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

This year, Toby wanted to have a Minecraft Creeper Cake for his birthday. Creeper, of course, is a pixelated character from the popular video game. Now, the notion that he wanted a basic, square shaped cake was great. But, since I only have one hand to work with this summer, I was nervous about what to […]

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pb nutella all thumbs cookies

Watch Unbreakable and Sample Peanut Butter Nutella “All Thumbs” Cookies

Last night’s Family Film Fest selection was M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable. The kids really enjoyed the comic book angle and the way that Bruce Willis’s character, David Dunn, comes to understand his physical capabilities as heroic qualities. They weren’t so keen, in the end, as to exactly how he came to these conclusions.  Still, the kids’ dissatisfaction led to […]

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feature image smoresdino

Dino S’mores! [With a Recipe for Super-Easy Dino Grahams]

There’s nothing like s’mores made with marshmallows roasted on the campfire or (carefully) over the bbq!!   Today, we’re revising an old-favorite graham cracker recipe to use to create cut-out dino-grahams so that we can make Dino S’mores! Often, we make our own marshmallows, too. [See our Basic Marshmallow recipe!] However, today, we’re using store bought.  To […]

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Chocolate Milk Pinata Cake

Birthday Surprise: Chocolate Milk Piñata Cake

I made this cake for Toby’s 8th Birthday today!  He requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Rolos on top. Little does he know that when he slices into it tonight, a whole treasure trove of Rolos, M&Ms and Aero bubbles will roll out and spill off of the cake stand! Surprise, Mr. T! […]

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Amazing Pink Lemonade Cream Bars

The kids are at zoo camp this week…and, they needed an after-camp treat… What did we come up with? Well, if you are a lemon lover, you are in for a treat! Here’s a Pink Lemonade CREAM Bar that is to die for! INTRODUCING… SUMMER OF FUNNER’S AMAZING PINK LEMONADE CREAM BARS Print Recipe AMAZING […]

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Strawberry [Cognac] Buttermilk Cake Recipe - It's SOOO Delicious

Strawberry [Cognac] Buttermilk Cake

As it turned out, no-one in the house wanted fruity donuts… So, our Summer Bucket List plan to make Strawberry Donuts took a turn… for the better… with this Strawberry Buttermilk Cake… Actually, it’s a Strawberry Cognac Buttermilk Cake… Cognac’s optional, of course. Print Recipe Strawberry [Cognac] Buttermilk Cake loosely inspired by the Saveur donut issue… […]

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Skylanders Portal of Power Birthday Cake

This year, Tobes wanted a “Skylanders” themed cake for his birthday. So, we decided to make a “Portal of Power.” (That’s the gadget you hook up to your gaming console and set your Skylanders toys on top in order to play). We decorated it with a banner celebrating T’s birthday, and, of course, with a […]

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Olympian Self-Sufficiency: The Kids Make Supper (by themselves!)

This is a summer to be inspired by the Olympic Spirit. As we learn more about our Olympic competitors by reading newspapers and magazines and by watching sports interviews, one of the aspects of Olympic training that the kids and I have admired is the self-sufficiency of even the youngest of our athletes. Time and […]

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July 21, 2012 A friend of ours was commenting on the exorbitant price of a single French Macaron at a local bakeshop. So, the kids and I decided to surprise her with a sampling of homemade Macarons at a fraction of the cost. When we read that French Macarons are “notoriously hard to make” and fiddly, and […]

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Egg Day

August 23, 2011 Egg day couldn’t begin without a little thematic breakfast! No, the kids would NOT eat it, Sam-I-Am, they would not eat Green Eggs and Ham! But, I did! And, after I managed to hard-boil about a dozen more eggs, we got to work. Today, we completed several “Egg-speriments,” including the old egg-through-the-bottle […]

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Marshmallow Day

August 2, 2011 We’ve had Marshmallow Days before. Two years ago, the kids and I used large fluffy marshmallows as paint stampers, we made robots with marshmallows, toothpicks, and icing, and we finished up by making rice cereal treats.  We had so much fun, it is no wonder that they asked for it again!  Still, we […]

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Chocolate Day

July 19, 2011 Today is my wedding anniversary, so I decided to make sure that our food theme would be extra-luxurious! I can’t think of anything more luxurious than chocolate!   Since we made plans to get together with some school friends during the day (I refuse to use the word “playdate,” by the way – I could write a sermon […]

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