The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week Four: Kids’ Picks! The Last Starfighter and The Count of Monte Cristo

Summer Film Fest Week 4 Kids Picks
This week, the kids have picked their favourite films and what they consider to be the best summer movies of all time. The birthday boy chose The Last Starfighter – his fave movie about a kid from Silver Lake, California who gets “sucked” into a video game. And, the big sister chose The Count of Monte Cristo [2002], a favourite since our 2015 Adventurous March BreakExcellent choices! Excellent Choices!

Last_starfighter_post The_Count_of_Monte_Cristo_film

This week, we’re asking the kids to justify why their film choices should be considered some of The Best Summer Movies of All Time.

What do you think of their picks?

Galactic Mint Brownies, anyone?

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