Let’s Pong! Playing Ping Pong in Toronto’s Public Parks

Let's Pong - Playing Ping Pong in Toronto's Public Parks

Did you know that table tennis is an olympic sport?
Well, Torontonians might just give the rest of the world a run for their money, if not at the Rio Olympics, then in about 10 years, when all the little ones grow up. Over the past few years, in several of our city parks, these beautifully designed ping pong tables have been popping up!  

Toronto's Public Ping Pong Tables - COOL

Need to know the rules? Check out Killerspin for all the good stuff!

Now, after last Wednesday’s challenge for the kids to learn how to play guitar, I figured, why not make the next challenge a little easier to accomplish! There are two of these amazing public tables in two parks which are both a stone’s throw of our house. So, why not play ping-pong on at least one of them?

Here’s the little slip of paper they found under their doors this morning! Their “Wednesday Challenge.”

Will Ferrell ping pong invite

Okay, I know, I know! “Pong” means “stink!” So, what I’m asking here is for the kids to “get stinky!” But why not? They should consider themselves lucky! You betcha, lucky! Because this “challenge” will fulfull the “calisthenics requirement” I’ve been making the kids fulfill every day. That’s right! I’ve been making the kids “get physical” and “read,” both for at least 30 minutes each weekday this summer! So far, we’ve had 100% participation! No! Participaction, eh? 

Now, off we go!!

Will the kids be ready for the Olympics in 4-8 years? 

Time will tell…Time will tell, Team Canada! Go!


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