The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 3: Rear Window and Rashomon

Summer FIlm Fest Week 3 Rear Window and Rashomon

Our Family Film Fest Continues with two “crime” stories, quite different in style – or are they? First up is one of our family’s favourite summer murder mysteries, Hitchcock’s, Rear Window [1954]. Next on the list is a movie which came out in Japan 4 years previous to the Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon [1950]. This film tells the story of an “incident” from several characters’ perspectives before presenting its concluding wrap-up of the tale.
rear roshomon

This week we’ll be asking the kids to compare and contrast the “angles” in which the movies were filmed and the “angles” on the “case” presented by each character. 

How would you talk about these movies together?

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