Kids’ Summer Challenge : Learn Enough Guitar to Perform a Cover Song

Kids Summer Challenge Learn Enough Guitar to performa a cover song from summer of funner dot com

So, here’s the little slip of paper the kids found under their doors this morning! 

Summer of Funner's Summer Guitar Challenge

That’s right! Today, we challenged the kids to learn to play enough guitar to accompany themselves while singing a cover song. We didn’t give them a set rules about how they were supposed to accomplish this, only a command performance date: August 31. That’s right, in just over a month, at the family campout, we expect them to be able to get their groove on [and not just by patting on the guitar, i.e. using it as percussion.] Of course, Blaise and I both play enough guitar to teach them should they ask [emphasis on Blaise.] And there are two acoustic guitars and a couple of electric ones in the house. So we’re not at a loss for instruments, either. I also provided them with a few printouts of chord charts like this one from True Octave:


Finally, I gave them a link to a Youtube tutorial I thought they might like…

Seriously, if a person can’t learn from a sweet little tutorial like this, how can they learn?
Thanks, Ellen at for3v3rfaithful ! I have a feeling the kids will be forever in your debt!

Okay, and for Bea, here’s a Hamilton cover, Dear Theodosia, in which the guitar chords are almost visible enough to learn by watching. And, also, just, wow! 

So, what do you think, folks? Will they follow through? I guess we’ll have to see for ourselves on August 31st! 

By the way, if you liked the little printout, here’s a little image you can copy and adjust to your liking [just don’t claim it’s your own idea or try to sell it or anything, kay?]. The font is Trebuchet MS by the way! We used to edit.
Summer of Funner's Printable Summer Guitar Challenge - feel free to copy and edit, but please don't sell or pass off as your own
We’ll get back to you in late August as to how our “Cover Song Night” pans out!! 

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