Kids’ DIY Manga Selfies

Kids' DIY Manga Selfies from Summer of Funner
The kids are pretty interested in Manga these days. So, I thought I’d get them to make themselves over as Manga-style characters. When I told her about my idea, Bea, who had an amazing art teacher at school this year (xoxo Brie), took over and came up with the entire DIY! And, it sounded sooo fun that the whole family got into it! Thus, our Summer of Funner Manga Selfies were born. You should really try this! It’s a ton of fun! And, as Toby pointed out, “You can erase your wrinkles or even change the colour of your eyes!”

Manga Selfies DIY

Summer of Funner's Manga Selfies DIY a fun summer or anytime craft for kids of all ages

A photograph of yourself or a camera and printer
Good piece of blank paper or a notebook page
Markers, oil pastels, coloured pencils, or crayons [We used markers!]

Find or take a photo of yourself with crazy hair and colourful clothes.
And, if you can, print it on a sheet of paper as large as your art paper.
With a marker and a ruler, “grid” the photograph by dividing it into equal quadrants.
Using a light hand, with a pencil and ruler, “grid” your piece of blank paper in the same number of quadrants as on your photograph.
Using the photograph as a model, sketch yourself on the good paper.
But, as you’re sketching, “cartoonize” yourself in a Manga style. For example, try making your hair “pointier,” your features more or less pronounced, and your clothing hyper-stylized. [Check out your favourite Manga books or Manga University for ideas.]
Once you’ve sketched yourself in as a Manga-person, erase the gridlines and stray sketchmarks on your blank paper.
Trace over the main lines of your sketch with a black marker or with the coloured markers of your choosing.
Fill in the outlines of your markered-in-sketch with the colours of your choosing or in grey scale, as Blaise did, below.

Here’s how our family’s Manga Selfies turned out!
Family DIY Manga Selfies from Summer of Funner

Do send us yours!

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