Kids Haiku Theatre Reviews from the Stratford Festival #sfhaiku

#sfhaiku Kids Haiku Theatre Reviews from The Stratford Festival Summer of Funner

This year, instead of using our own free printable theatre reviews to respond to the plays we saw at the Stratford Festival, we decided to ask the kids for shorter, impromptu responses. Inspired by their dad’s season-long toronto #bluejays haiku project, or his #jaysseasonhaiku, we asked the kids to write haiku responses to the plays they saw at Stratford this summer.  We’re calling these #sfhaiku!

Of course, you can get your kids to do it, too! Simply have them write a 3-line response or review of the play they’ve seen, with lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables in length.  That’s 3 lines of 5, 7, 5. Got it?  Then, if you post them in the comments here or directly onto social media, be sure to tag them #sfhaiku

Here, in all their glory, are the Summer of Funner Kids’ Haiku Theatre Reviews from the 2016 Stratford Festival, #sfhaiku  

Toby’s #sfHaiku

[spelling not corrected]

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, #sfLion
strange machine animals
evil ice queen with statues
four little children

Breath of Kings: Rebellion, #sfRebellion
Richard abdegates?
King Henry the fourth is King
Falstaff was funny

Breath of Kings: Redemption, #sfRedemption
obscure spear Weapons
King Henry the fifth in love
lots and lots of death

T's #sfinlove #sfHaiku for Summer of Funner

Shakespeare in Love, #sfInLove
there is a dogie
women aren’t aloud on stage
womenacts anyway

As You Like It, #sfAsYouLikeIt
audience has props
cool aphrodite lady
and wrestling outfits

Bea’s #sfHaiku

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, #sfLion
Lion made of books
Two funny talking beavers
Surprise sing-a-longs

Breath of Kings: Rebellion, #sfRebellion
Falstaff is awesome
Interesting battle on stage
Glitter confetti

Breath of Kings: Redemption, #sfRedemption
French princess, c’est cool
King Henry IV dies quickly
Giant battle scene

Bea's #sfhaiku

Shakespeare in Love, #sfInLove
A dog bites a duke
Shakespeare deals with writer’s block
Juliet’s voice drops

As You Like It, #sfAsYouLikeIt
Set in Newfoundland
Very funny 80’s clothes
Little loot prop bags

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And if you like this post, why not make your #sfhaiku into Haiku-kies? See the how-to on our sister site!

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