Summer 2016 Love-to-Do List

Summer 2016 Love to Do List Header

Let’s send up rockets! Let’s turn on all the lights!


This Summer’s Love-to-Do List is a conglomeration of the things we’d like to repeat from summers previous and the things we absolutely must try before the school bell rings again.

Summer of Funner's Summer 2016 Love to Do List

Summer 2016
Love-to-Do List

Stargazing at the Stratford Festival √Learn to Play Guitar √,  Fireworks on the Water √, Favourite Book Bags √Ice Cream Piñata Cake√,  Build Rockets Design Robots √, Skip Rocks √, Illustrate the Narnia Books [see Farenheit 451 Comics], Make Sweet Pickles, Mark the Moon’s Phases √, Photograph the Lake, Summer Film Festival √, Champagne Marmalade, Shakespeare in Love Y.A. Haiku √, Cover Songs √, Scary Movie Making, Beachcombing √, Birdwatching √, Pickled Turnips, Pink Lemonade Bars √, Farenheit 451 Comics, Camp Beowulf √, Bike the Boardwalk, Plot a Dystopia √Outdoor Ping-Pong √Posterize the Haiku Henry Plays √Explode Stuff Safely √Kids do the Grilling √, Berry Lemonade, Food in Books Party, Electricity Experiments [see Robot Design], Famous Art “Forgery”√Zoo Ditch Day √Hand Pies √, Backyard Campout, Junk Food Still Life, S’mores & Ghost Stories, Lego Build-Off, Madelyn’s Butter Tarts √, [Backyard] Drive-in Movie, DIY Pop Rocks – see our Sour Pink Lemonade Frizzantes √Surrealist Collage √, Garbage Marionettes, Watermelon Smash, Yoga on the Beach, Peddle Boats √, Artisan Pizza √Fermented “Sodas” √, Baseball Games, Manga Selfies √, Martial Arts, Flower Markets, Water-Balloon Paints, Film a Monologue [see Scary Movie Making], Pretzels & Mustard √Potions Class √Invented Popsicles √, Tree Bathing, A Sky Full of Lanterns

What are your plans for the summer?
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