Thanks for a Great Summer 2015

Summer of Funner 2015 Final Inverted Fireworks Header

Summer of Funner 2015 is officially over!

We had a great time!

Summer Love-To-Do List 2015

Three Super-Fun Ways to Prep the Kids for a Shakespeare Play [or Other Theatre]

Summer at the Stratford Festival: Kids’ Theatre Reviews

The Kids’ Summer Vacay Pics: Where to Eat, Shop, and Stay in Stratford, Ontario

Free Printable Pixels Movie Party Invitations

Summer of Awareness: Three Meditation Exercises for Kids and Families

Inspired by Babar: Stuffed Animal Yoga Sketches for Kids

Five Ways to Introduce Kids to a City’s Architecture

DIY Pacman [or any shape] Piñatas

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Kong [Free Printable Poster and Centipede “Tails”]

Summer Books: What the Kids are Reading

Easy Gorgeous Chocolate Covered Bananas

Date Almond Smoothie Freezer Pops

101 Things to Look for at the Natural History Museum [Free Printable]

Sweet and Spicy Fermented Pickles in a Mason Jar

Backyard Campout Blowout

Endless Summer Peach Almond Cake [Gluten and Sugar Free]

Backyard Summer Film Fest 2015 : Our Family’s Picks

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