Backyard Summer Film Fest 2015 : Our Family’s Picks

Backyard Summer Film Fest Our Family's Picks for Movies to Watch in the Backyard before School Starts

Summer of Funner 2014 is coming to a close.
And so is our Backyard Campout Week!
You know what that means….
It’s time for our Backyard Summer Film Fest!

Last week, I asked everyone in the family to pick two summer movies that they’d love to see outside. Tonight, and over the next two nights [before we need that last “big sleep” before school begins] we’ll be drawing these titles at random from a jar and watching them outside. We’ve borrowed a projector from work, and we’ve got an old white sheet pinned up to the side-yard fence…..Popcorn’s popped….let’s go……

Here are the family’s outdoor summer film choices for 2015

Summer of Funner's Backyard Summer Films 2015



Dial M for Murder [1954]
Rear Window [1954]
[my work is done here…:)]


Elvis, the mini-schnauzer

Family “Potpourri”

I can think of no better way to close out the summer! Can you?

Once again, thanks for joining us for five years of FUNNER!


See you next week over at The Lunchbox Season!

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