DIY Pacman [ or any Shape ] Piñatas

DIY Pacman or any shape pinatas using cereal boxes, tape, tissue paper and glue

Make your own piñata? Who knew? Without a papier-maché base? Even better!!

Check out these awesome piñatas we made for Toby’s family birthday party!!!



It’s actually fairly easy to make your own piñata!

DIY Pacman [Or Any Shape] Piñatas


  • Cereal Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Glue
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Tissue Paper
  • Strong cord and/or a coat hanger
  • Pencil
  • Optional : Tempera Paint the colour of your tissue paper


  1. Cut boxes into pieces that will enable you to make a 3-D shape.
    For pacman, we cut semi-circles, 1/3 circles and long strips the width of the box.
    For the ghost, we worked with a whole cereal box and some additional strips of cardboard.
  2. Cut and tape the cardboard into the desired shape, leaving a large flap or opening near the top to insert candy.
  3. Mounting option one: HOLES AND CORD
    Punch holes and string a cord from the bottom to the top of the shape, knotting at bottom and at top, and reinforcing with extra bits of hole-punched cardboard if desired.
  4. Mounting option two: HANGER
    Bend a wire hanger. Pinch flat and punch one of the “arm-hole” ends of the hanger up through a small hole in the top of the piñata shape. Bend the rest of the hanger bits inside of the piñata so that they are at a 90 degree angle [or thereabouts] to the arm hole through the top. Bend them so that the exposed wire hook is sturdy, and so that they are unable to pop up through the top of the piñata. Reinforce on top, and, if possible, inside, with lots of tape.
  5. If desired, fill piñata with candy before papering, and seal with tape. If not, keep the flap of the piñata open, but remember to decorate it!
  6. Use a pencil or pen to demarcate where eyes, features and various colour schemes will appear on your shape. If desired, cut out those bits of paper and glue them on first. [We did this with Pacman’s eyes.]
  7. If desired, mix a bit of tempera paint the colour of your tissue paper in with your glue.
  8. Papering Option One [Pacman]: TUFTS
    Cut tissue paper into small squares. Paint a bit of glue on the surface of the 3D shape. Bending paper over the the eraser-head of a pencil into a “flower” shape, press paper onto glued surface. Repeat until shape is completely covered in small paper tufts.
  9. Papering Option Two [Ghost]: FRINGE
    Cut tissue paper into very long strips about 2-4 inches wide. Using scissors, make fringe cuts 1-2 inches deep all along the bottom length of the strip. Starting at the bottom of your shape, paint glue in long stripes or stretches across the object. With the fringe facing down, press the non-fringed lengths of tissue along the lines of glue. Slowly build upward, covering the entire object with strips or slices of fringed paper as you see fit.
  10. Hang the piñata or set on a towel and allow to dry. If you haven’t yet done so, fill the piñata and seal it closed with a bit of tape, glue, and tissue.

Visual DIY Pacman or Any Shape Pinata  No super messy paper mache! just cereal boxes

And here’s the 5-minutes-to-decorate pacman cake we made to go with it!
Pacman Cake

Don’t really need a DIY for that, do ya? Didn’t think so!!

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