Thanks for a Fabulous Summer! Now, Get Ready for The Lunchbox Season!

Thanks for a Fabulous Summer

We did it! We had another fabulous Summer of Funner!
And, if you have a glance below, you’ll notice that we accomplished almost everything on our Love-to-Do List!!

Now, what to do with your September?
Be sure to check out our sister site, The Lunchbox Season for “all of the things!”

Summer 2014 Love-to-do list

Summer of Funner 2014: Love-to-do-List

 Backyard campout
 Shakespeare in the Park: As You Like It
 Fossil Souvenir Cookies
 Invent a popsicle
 Learn to play a new instrument
✓ Go crazy with hair chalk
 Peach hand pies – Peach Buttermilk Clafouti
 Read Treasure Island
 Kids learn to BBQ by themselves
 Explode stuff (not on the grill): Kids DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs
 Family film fest & outdoor movies
 Iced lemon sugar cookies [See Souvenir Cookies] 
 Beach walks
 Paint WITH our toes
 Human anatomy colouring pages & kid-sized posters
 Make Dino-S’mores
 Life-Drawing [see our ambidextrous stuffed animal portraits!]
 Moby-Dick Sense and Sensibility Comics
 Write blazons
 Blind tasting picnic
 Make gelato
 Tie-dye party
Skinny-dipping [we may have done this, but we’re not telling!]
 Summer fudge Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake
✓ Support the War Amps
 Left-handed surrealist games
 Musée des Beaux Arts Sense & Sensibility Mad Libs
Pickled root vegetables: Look for these in FALL, 2014, on our sister site, The Lunchbox Season!
 Pirate anatomy posters
 Zesty Peanut Butter Nutella thumbprint cookies
 Ambidextrous drawing
 Late-night music jam
 DIY Stained glass window clings
 Cyborg  stories
 Three-legged races
✓ Shakespeare in the Park: Titus Andronicus
 Art Gallery Tour: The Body [+ scavenger hunt for 101 things!]
 Dinosaur bone collage [on our sister site]
✓ Fractured poetry slam
✓ Whittle sticks with real knives 
✓ Make donuts [See: The Best Homemade Donuts], bagels and drunk berry jam.
Look for the bagels and jam in Fall 2014 on our sister site, The Lunchbox Season

 Illustrate Aelfric’s Life of St. Edmund: talking heads & wolves

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