End of Summer Blind Tasting Picnic

End of Summer Blind Tasting Picnic
A few years ago, we had “Crazy Fruit Day” in which we decided to do a blind sampling of all of the strange fruits we picked up in Chinatown. It was so much fun, we decided that we needed to do yet another blind tasting challenge this summer!

This time around, we decided to have an end of summer blow out by sampling all of the craziest convenience foods we could find! So, we hit a local convenience store and stocked up on “multiples” of different types of strange and slightly scary snacks: the weirdest potato chips we could find, odd flavours of seaweed snacks, small boxes of candies we’d never tried before, random-coloured gummies, and a couple of interesting drinks. Then, we headed to a picnic table at a local public park and had our end of summer blind tasting picnic.  Instead of using blind-folds, the kids covered each others’ eyes with their hands while I “fed” them a selection from each “not-so-good-for-you” food group.  Then, they tried to guess which flavour of chip, seaweed, candy or drink they were sampling.    After the sampling was over, they each chose their favourite snack from the lot and had it as a side or dessert with their real, healthy picnic lunch!  It was a huge hit!

Is it too soon to think about a Thanksgiving pie blind-tasting or a Christmas cookie tasting?

Happy end-of-summer everyone!!!!

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