Summer Giving: Supporting the War Amps CHAMP Program

Summer Giving Supporting the War Amps CHAMP Program
Last night, we began to celebrate my successful recovery from a broken hand by making a contribution to the War Amps of Canada, specifically their CHAMP program.  The War Amps is a registered Canadian charity begun in 1918 as a way of supporting amputee veterans of the First World War. Today, the organization helps not only veterans but amputees of all ranks and roles.  The kids decided that they wanted to direct our little contribution to the CHAMP program, which focuses on providing comprehensive services to child amputees and their families. How could you go wrong?  Click on any of the bold phrases above or the image below to find out more about the War Amps and how you can contribute to the CHAMP program.

The War Amps

What are your forms of Summer Giving?

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