Going Crazy with Hair Chalk

Going Crazy with Hair Chalk
This afternoon, we knocked yet another goal off of our Summer 2014 Love-to-do-List! Bea and a friend were “going crazy with hair chalk.”  I actually took some lovely photos, with the girls making crazy “top-model” faces and getting their freak on.  However, these more anonymous photos pics below will have to suffice for SOF!

fun4 funchalk3funhairchalk2 hair chalk fun

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the hair chalk kit that we purchased for our fun-day. It was too hard to work with!  So, instead, let me route you to a DIY artist’s pastel version from one of Bea’s new fave mags, Seventeen!  We’ll be doing this “art-supply” version of hair chalk next time we get our “crazy” on! 

What’s next? Stay tuned!

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