Kids DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs

KIDS DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs ! Bathtub Fun ! Spa Party! Wedding Favours ! Shower Gifts ! Stocking Stuffers !
One of our goals on this Summer’s Love-to-do-List was to “Explode Stuff.”  Now, if you know us, you’ll know our love of explosions! Just check out our candy science day from 2012! This year, we figured that a bit of a spa day in our new-ish bathroom would be in order, and to that effect, the kids decided that they wanted to make LUSH-style bath bombs. I’m a huge fan of LUSH bath bombs and massage bars! As gifts for ladies and gents, both young and old, they are one of my go-to presents, and they probably will be for ages to come! Now, I wanted to help the kids create something similar, but on the smaller side, so as to stretch our supplies into several baths-worth! To add even more “fizz” to the kids’  bathing experience, we decided to try to add popping candy [Pop Rocks] to the mix! Girl! Boy! Did that make bath time fun! After the first general fizz of the mini bath bomb and an explosion of glitter, you could hear a second burst of popping from the candy! Amazing!!! And, did we mention that these bombs make the bath smell heavenly???

Want to “sophisticate” this recipe for your “grown-up” friends as a shower gift or a wedding favour? [No doubt this activity will go back on our Family Advent Calendar as way of making teacher gift and stocking stuffers!]  Then, ditch the glitter and the candy in favour of dried herbs or flowers and spices…But, wait, who are we kidding? Who would want to pass up on glitter and pop rocks?

Featured Image Kids DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs
Kids DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs

makes 20-22 mini-muffin-sized bath bombs
recipe may be halved

1 c baking soda
.5 c cornstarch
.5 c epsom salts [finer grind works better, you can always pulverize them in a coffee grinder]
.5 c  citric acid [you can source this at your local bulk or health food store]
4 tsp glitter [or dried herbs, spices, or flower petals]
2 tsp essential oil or “pure” extract [We divided this recipe in two, using 1 tsp spearmint essential oil in one batch and 1 tsp pure orange extract in the other. Feel free to “mix” oils and extracts – vanilla/almond? eucalyptus/orange? rosemary/peppermint? ]
3 tsp pure coconut oil or other light oil [vegetable oil, baby oil, almond oil, Neutrogena Sesame body oil]
2 tsp water
6-16 drops food colouring [we divided this recipe in two and used 8 drops blue in the mint batch and 6 drops of yellow in the orange.]
2 regular sized sachets of Pop Rocks or other Popping Candy [optional, we used green apple]
a small spray bottle [the finer mist the better], full of water
mini muffin tin [nonstick works best]
mixing bowls
wax or parchment paper

Whisk all dry ingredients except popping candy in a large bowl until well combined.
Stir all wet ingredients in a small bowl until well combined.
With the whisk still in the dry ingredients bowl, add the wet ingredients to the dry bowl and continue whisking vigorously.
Some fizzing will occur, but don’t worry. Aim your whisk at the fizzy bits and whisk away!
Whisk until the mixture becomes like wet but not mushy or gloppy sand.
How do you tell? Start checking the mixture with your hands! Squeeze a bit in your palm! Can you make a small wonton?
If necessary, mist the too-dry mixture with 1-2 squirts of water and stir quickly. [We used 6-8 mists per half-batch.]
Again, the mixture should be mouldable but not mushy. [See visual DIY below!]
Once you’ve reached a mouldable consistency, and only then, open your sachet[s] of popping candy.
Drop the popping candy into the bowl and whisk vigorously until just incorporated. [Some popping may occur!]
With your clean, dry hands, press the bath bomb mixture firmly into the cavities of a mini muffin tin.
Let the tin sit for 5-10 minutes.
Quickly reverse the tin onto a large sheet of wax or parchment paper.
Remove tin carefully, and gaze at your beautiful bath bombs! But don’t touch them yet!
Allow the bombs to dry out in a cool, dry place for 1-3 days.
[If you’re super impatient, you could try to put the oven on as low a temperature as possible [150F, if your oven goes that low, or 175-200F with the oven-door cracked, the way you would with a homemade fruit roll-up] and “dry” the bombs on a parchment lined cookie sheet for a couple of hours. But patience is a virtue…And you’re better off using your oven for healthy fruit leathers.]
To use, plop one or more bath bombs into the tub and enjoy the sweet explosions!
The bomb should fizz first, followed by a second flurry of popping candy pops!
Kids DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs A Visual DIY

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