101 Things to Look for at The Art Museum from A to Z [Free Printable]

101 Things for kids to look for at the Art Museum! Check out our list!

This week, we are going to take another tour of the Art Gallery of Ontario, this time, with a specific emphasis on the body. I’ve noticed that when the kids have a specific thing to look out for or focus on, they have a better experience of the exhibits. For example, Toby was not really getting much out of a recent Frida Kahlo exhibit until I told him we needed to look around for “blood” in each and every painting. A little gruesome, perhaps, but it certainly got him excited! He now remembers and refers to several paintings from the exhibit!  With that in mind, I’ve made a sweet little one-page printable of all the things one might look for on a trip to the art gallery. After the kids have finished with today’s focus on “the body,” in general, I’m going to have them retrace their steps and use this printable to go on a bit of a “scavenger hunt” for each item!

101 Things to Look for at The Art Museum from A to Z
Copy this image, or the pdf below, print it out, and use it for a scavenger hunt! Or, choose a couple of items as a focus for your museum or gallery tour!

101 Things to Look for at the Art Museum from A to Z
[Printable PDF: 101 Things for Kids to Look for at the Art Museum Printable]

What are your favourite scavenger images?

[The header image at the top of this post is a treatment of David Milne’s “Pink Billboard” at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  The background image in the 101 things list is a treatment of Emily Carr’s “Thunderbird,” also on display at the AGO.]

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