Family Film Fest Update

Family Film Fest Update

July is almost over! And this means we’re already at the half-way point of our Summer of Funner!
With this in mind, we thought that we’d keep you posted on the progress of our Family Film Fest.

Here’s a list of the movies that we’ve watched so far!
As you can see, there’s a bit of an 80’s vibe to go along with our theme of Super-Anatomy in Space and Time

First Views
Dark Passage [1947]
The Man Without a Body [1957]
The Goonies [1985]
Unbreakable [2000]
Treasure Island [1950]
Treasure Island [1972]
Treasure Island [1990]
Treasure Island [2012]
Back to the Future I [1985]
Back to the Future II [1989]

Fave Re-runs
Forbidden Planet [1956]
The Last Starfighter [1984]

What are you watching?

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