Foot Painting! Painting with our Feet!

Foot Painting

Last summer, we created Face Paintings by painting with our faces! Today, to celebrate our Summer of Ability, and to knock yet another summer goal off of our Summer 2014 Love-to-do-List, the kids painted with their feet and toes! They came up with a fence full of beautiful abstracts that I’m now hoping to frame and hang in the house. Here’s how we set it up…

Painting with our Feet!

Foot Painting! Painting with our Feet!

Large sheets of craft paper
Clothespins, rocks, or other weights for the paper
Tempera paints
Paper or plastic plates
Large bowls of water
Garden hose and towels for cleanup

Set sheets of paper on a flat surface outdoors.
Weigh down the paper by attaching clothespins or placing rocks at the corners.
Pour tempera paints onto plates.
Set plates of paint beside the sheets of paper.
Place large bowls of water near the paints.
Seated, or standing, use only a foot or feet to paint an abstract picture.
Try mixing colours with your toes!
Rinse toes in bowls of water when necessary.
When your painting is complete have a parent hang it up.
When the painting session is over, hose off your feet and the general area, and dry your toes with a towel!
Amaze your friends and neighbours by displaying your art on your back fence or patio!

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