Tie-Dye Party!

Tie-Dye Party! Easy Summer Backyard Fun

Bea’s switching schools next fall. And, since her new school does not have a uniform,  she was just dying to “trash” the white shirts she has been wearing for the past five years. Still, there were several nice, new white t-shirts in the rotation. So, instead of ruining them, I told her we should tie-dye them. To that end, when Papa was home yesterday, we had a tie-dye party!

Usually, I’m a “from scratch” kind of parent. However, some activities benefit from a little outside help. For our party, we picked up an all-in-one kit from a local shop. And, I have to say, the  Tulip One-step Tie-Dye Kit  was just amazing.* It came with 12 squeeze bottles pre-loaded with dry dyes in a rainbow of colors, as well as a drop sheet, several pairs of plastic gloves, tons of elastic bands, and a really awesome instruction sheet. (Their web links for additional design ideas are also amazing.) We only needed to supply the T-shirts, a few Ziploc bags, water, and our laundry machines!  Out in the backyard, the kids experimented with the crumple technique, ombre, swirl, bull’s-eye, and vertical stripes! Blaise and I each did a shirt, too! We only used about half of the dyes provided, and we completed nine shirts. I was also very impressed with the kit’s “accessibility.” Because I am still recovering from hand surgery,  I am pretty much limited to the use of only one hand right now. Aside for needing a bit of help with the elastics, I was able to take part in the party completely!   So, I would highly recommend this kit!

Here are the kids, modelling their favourites:
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While the packaging states that this kit provides for 36 projects, if I were going to use this for a birthday party or outdoor bash with friends, I would estimate that one kit would likely suffice for at least 12 to 15 messy children.

Here’s a visual DIY of the tie-dye techniques we learned yesterday:

Tie-Dye Effects a Visual DIY

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