Film Fest Night One: Dark Passage and The Man Without a Body

Film Fest 1

Summer of Funner Family Film Fest 2014: Super-Anatomy in Space and Time
Night One: Double Feature!
Dark Passage (1947) and The Man Without a Body (1957) 

Happy Independence Day to all of our Friends and family in the USA!  This year’s Summer of Funner is all about the fabulous ABILITY of the human body and mind. To that end, our Summer Family Film Festival theme is Super-Anatomy in Space and Time! We will feature movies in which our powerful heroes’ or villains’ bodies and minds are often compromised or replaced, in part, with alternatives or prosthetics. There will be plenty of amazing athletes, robot-humans, peg-leg pirates, b-movie “transplants” and wonderful wizards. And, we plan on putting a special emphasis on time travel, space travel, and the historical or futuristic vision of each film. We plan on a film-heavy summer, watching several movies a week and thinking critically about them. So, I’ll keep you abreast of what we’re watching each week, in case you want to follow along with your family. And, as always, I’ll publish a complete “play list” at the end of the summer.

So, what’s first on the docket?  Well, to go with our first Summer Books selection, Aelfric’s St. Edmund, and with Edmund’s surprising “talking head,” we will be watching a B-movie about a man who wants to steal the brain of Nostradamus, The Man Without a Body (1957). Then, we’ll switch over to one of my favourites, that fabulous noir film about a man changes his face but who can’t seem to escape his past, Dark Passage (1947).

Here’s a copy of our good old fashioned  Movie Review Worksheet for Kids for kids. You can also copy and paste the image below:

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