Summer of Funner…Nights?

Summer of Funner ... Nights

Somewhere along a section of damp sand I encountered several large toads who were also making a night journey and who hopped clumsily for a little way with me. There was something so attractive about their little bursts of energy that, tired as I was, I began to skip with them. I was delighted … First one would hop and then another, and I began to take my turn automatically with the rest.
– Loren Eiseley, The Night Country

The kids are getting older and all of our schedules are changing. So, this year, I am thinking about concentrating this summer’s posts on “Summer Nights.”  We’ll have just as much super summer content as our previous years, including our Summer Books series and our Film Festival.  Only, taking a cue from our sister site, there will be more of an emphasis on evening and weekend activities.  Perhaps more important than our real-time scheduling will be our focus or theme. I was thinking that in terms of the books we read, the movies we watch, the things we draw, and whatever else we make, the summer evening itself might serve as our inspiration.

So, readers, thoughts? Comments? Leave a note below. Or, as so many of you prefer, email me at roseye at rogers dot com.

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