“Ping Pong” and Paper Airplanes

Ping Pong and Paper Airplanes Simple Outdoor Fun for Kids

Some days you just need to take it easy!

Just the other day, we set the kids loose in the backyard, and they ended up knocking two items off of our Summer of Funner Bucket List in one fell swoop.

Use Chalk to Make Paper Airplane Targets

First off, they used chalk to make “targets,” and I taught them how to make paper airplanes to aim at the targets!
Here are the results:

_________________________________________Use an old toddler bed safety rail to play Outdoor Ping Pong

Next, the kids played “ping-pong” using paddles and balls from the dollar store and a toddler bed safety net that they took out of a neighbour’s recycling on the street. Later on in the day, though I didn’t catch it on film, they used a big bouncy ball and their paddles to play an additional round.
IMG_6648 IMG_6646 IMG_6640 IMG_6636 IMG_6635

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