Painted Targets for Balls, Beanbags, Rockets & Water Balloons

Painted Targets for Balls Beanbags Rockets and Water Balloons

Last night, the kids and Papa created some fun “targets” for T’s birthday party.

  1. First, the kids used markers to sketch monsters and aliens on various sized boxes we collected from local shops.
  2. Then, Blaise cut out “mouth holes” with an exacto knife.
  3. Finally, the kids painted the faces with Tempera paints.

We’re planning on standing these up, laying them flat, and hanging them on the backyard fence for kids to use during the party. We’ve got a good supply of foam rockets on hand to aim at the targets! We’ll probably use our water balloons on them, too…but not until the end of the party, as the monster faces will probably melt and transform when hit by water.

Here are the results:

IMG_6291 IMG_6287 IMG_6296 IMG_6295 IMG_6294 IMG_6298

Oh, and afterward, they sat on the back porch and watched a few Superman cartoons that Papa projected against the fence [He brought home a projector from work for the weekend!]

IMG_6283 IMG_6284

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