Ice Paint Two Ways

Ice Paint two ways

Today, we painted with two types of ICE paint: Tempera and Food Colours!
Here’s a quick DIY followed by pics of our results!

Tempera Ice Paint

TEMPERA Ice Paints

Several Containers of Tempera Paint
Ice Cube Tray
7 Coffee Stirrer Sticks split in half or 14 Popsicle Sticks

Shake Tempera Paints Before Opening.
Fill each cube in the ICE CUBE TRAY about 1/2 full with the colour or combination of colours of your choice.
[If your tempera paint is watery, fill more. If your tempera paint is thick, fill a bit less.]
Add water to each cube.
Stir each colour vigorously with its Stirrer or Popsicle Stick.
Insert Popsicle Sticks into Cubes.

Food Colour Ice Paint
FOOD COLOUR (Watercolour) Ice Paint

A package of food colours
Ice-Cube Tray
7 Coffee Stirrer Sticks Split in Half or 14 Popsicle Sticks

Fill Ice Cube Trays with Water, leaving about .2 of each cube empty.
Colour each cube with drops of food colouring to your liking.
Insert Sticks.

Here’s a little gallery of our Beowulf-inspired Ice Paintings!
IMG_5688IMG_5690 IMG_5701 IMG_5748 IMG_5747 IMG_5746 IMG_5745 IMG_5744 IMG_5743 IMG_5742 IMG_5741 IMG_5740 IMG_5739 IMG_5738 IMG_5737 IMG_5736 IMG_5735 IMG_5734 IMG_5733 IMG_5730 IMG_5729 IMG_5722 IMG_5721 IMG_5713

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