School’s Out! Here’s Our 2013 Summer Bucket List!


School’s Out!
Here’s our Summer of Funner 2013 Bucket List!!

Make Newspaper Boats, Play Ping-Pong, Paint with Home-made Ice Paints, Play Candy Math, Discover Toronto’s Neighbourhoods, Read Tales of Mystery & Imagination, Go Bird-Watching, Make Pink Lemonade Jelly & AMAZING PINK LEMONADE CREAM BARS, Make and Use Tin Can Telephones, Decorate & Draw in our Yesterday Books, Kids Make Dinner for Mama & Papa, Visit Family in Boston, Take Long Naps, Have Paper Airplane Races, Try Homemade Greek Yogurt Popsicles, Invent a Dystopia & Write its Hero Story, Bake from the Peaches Cookbook, Make Pickles, Read & Write “Villain” Poems, “Map” Gulliver’s Travels, Create and Play Outdoor Scrabble, Learn About Weather Science, Have a Backyard Camp-Out!, Imagine Like Bradbury!, Water Games, Learn New Piano Music, Bake Strawberry  Donuts  [Cognac] Buttermilk Cake, Design and Fly Paper Kites, Read Asterix! in French, Act-Out a few lines from Shakespeare on the Porch, Illustrate a Scene from the Faerie Queene, Try “Face” Painting, Make a Mess in the Bathtub, Create Cardboard Cities  Targets for Party Games, Have our annual Summer of Funner Film Festival!, Try Homemade Limeade, Rewrite Beowulf, Tell Ghost Stories, Make Marionettes.

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