The Imaginary Beasts of Riverdale Farm

August 13, 2012

Last year, we traveled to Riverdale Farm to sketch the farm animals, not knowing if the city and its mayor would pull financial support from the farm or if it would remain open to the public. We called these our Save the Riverdale Farm Sketches. With the farm saved from the chopping block, at least for the moment (though we are still holding our breath), it was time to make a more frivolous summer return. I had intended this to be a serious drawing lesson involving shadows and light. However, the kids had their own ideas. This time, inspired by Borges’ Book of Imaginary Beings (one of Tobes’ favorites) and by “Newt Scamander’s” Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the kids decided all of a sudden that they wanted to draw “imaginary animals” and “fun mutations” based upon the real, live animals we visited today.

The next step will be for the kids to write a small biographical description of each of their creatures! Then, we’ll concoct some wild “ghost” stories about them…a project to last us right through to Halloween, no doubt! I wouldn’t even be surprised if we ended up with a full-fledged children’s book by the end of the year!!!

Here’s a look at the sketches that went into their Yesterday Books today!

Tobes’ Creatures:

20120813-145218.jpgThe Bunow
20120813-151826.jpgThe Abawaqoo
20120813-145424.jpg Twrtle

Bea’s Creatures

20120813-145312.jpgA Pig!

20120813-145442.jpgThe Horthadonk

And here’s a look at the kids in action:

 20120813-145540.jpg  20120813-145554.jpg 20120813-145621.jpg 20120813-145633.jpg 20120813-145647.jpg 20120813-145727.jpg 20120813-145741.jpg 20120813-145750.jpg 20120813-145805.jpg 20120813-145830.jpg 20120813-145837.jpg 20120813-145903.jpg

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One Response to The Imaginary Beasts of Riverdale Farm

  1. Judy's Gifts August 13, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Excellent drawings….. Wonderful minds & very creative. Could be great costumes for Halloween too!