Protest Posters Inspired By Ghosts of Gone Birds

August 17, 2011

Today we made Rob Ford Protest Posters inspired by the artists of the Ghosts of Gone Birds!


This morning, I received a tweet from @GoneBirds with a link to a brand new poster advocating for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper. You can also find this picture on the Ghosts of Gone Birds Facebook Page.

According to the group’s description, this poster focuses on the “near gone bird status of the spoon-billed sandpiper as the migratory estuaries it stops over on to refuel come under increasing threat from industrial development. The Saemangeum Dam in Korea is a notable example.” The sandpiper bends its head low as a series of cranes, construction cranes, that is, encroaches upon its habitat. Above the bird’s body, you’ll find the warning, “As Economies Expand in East Asia, Habitats Shrink.”

Here are the kids at work:

Bea’s finished poster:

Tobes’ finished poster:

We plan on scanning these into the computer so that we can use them to make t-shirts, buttons, and large-scale signs for our front yard and for city hall!!

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